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W.A.Mozart Divertimento N°4 - Guitar Trio

Conceived as trios and originally penned for basset horn, a kind of tenor clarinet with a darker mystical tone, Mozart's five five-movement Divertimenti K. 439b fit very nicely on the warm, romantic sounding modern concert guitar.

All the 5 Divertimentos are in C-major Key(Original key.)The Bassetthorns sound a fifth lower in F-Major,the modern Clarinets in Bb -Major.

Excellent Music for Guitar Trio. Exclusively 1st Position for Guitar II and III.
Some easy change of position for Guitar I.Challenging for beginners, prima vista for advanced.

I Allegro
II Larghetto
III Menuett -Trio
IV Adagio
V Rondo





W.A.Mozart Divertimento N°4
Guitar Trio

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