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Smooth Going Body Lotion

A quite normal morning
Some morning in 2002 - while taking a shower I whistled a nice melody enjoying the cool water running over me. Leaving the shower and putting a handfull of body Lotion over me the melody was still persistent on my lips. I started to investigate that bottle and I discovered the inscription "SMOOTH GOING BODY LOTION".(I remember it was that one with avocado essences).The piece was born, I wrote it down in less than a half day.
SGBL was first published with Steve Marsh and "Lathkill music London". It was not a burner for years but I always loved this spontaneous funny groovy piece. It was the EOS guitar quartet who breathed 2015 some new life into and now finally - 14 years later - Steve gave me back the right to re-edit SGBL in "Edition Kalimba". Thats a great gesture, thanks Steve!





Smooth Going Body Lotion

Edition Kalimba
EK 28

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